big data. bigger insight.

CompassRed is a data and analytics company that helps guide our clients through the quickly evolving world of data.  We help others surface insights from their data so that they can improve their business.
At CompassRed, we want to use data in a better way.

Predictive Intelligence

We'll build solutions that use your historical data to predict events of interest, such as product demand, part failures, fraud, client outcomes, or customer responses.

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Leverage new data sources and advanced analytics to improve your understanding of your prospects and customers

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Business Intelligence


We help companies get answers to their most critical business questions through solutions that include infrastructure and tools development using industry best practices. 

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Data Strategy

We've built a repeatable and customizable methodology to define a vision for your data needs, surface gaps and provide a path to your “data nirvana”.

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DR. STEVE POULIN JOINS COMPASSRED DATA LABS To Lead Predictive Analytics Offerings

Dr. Poulin joins CompassRed as Principal Data Scientist & Manager of Predictive Analytics to continue CompassRed’s recent success providing data solutions to top companies in the county.

+ A great read and presentation by Azeem Azhar on the current state of technology (with a heavy focus on Machine Learning and what it means for our near term future)

McKinsey's most recent Analytics Study Defines the Future of Machine Learning

Do you know what is powerful realtime analytics?


What’s Your Vision For Data?

With so much noise about “Big Data”, “Data Platforms”, “Predictive Algorithms”, “Machine Learning”, etc., it is often challenging for leaders to discern the "what’s possible” from the "what’s hype". Keep reading

The Big Data Game

"Once advertising becomes totally data-driven. advertisers are going to have to build their own data agencies or partner with data agencies. That's going to be a multibillion-dollar shake-up.”