big data. bigger insight.

CompassRed is a data and analytics company that helps guide our clients through the quickly evolving world of data.  We help others surface insights from their data so that they can improve their business.
At CompassRed, we want to use data in a better way.

Predictive Intelligence

We'll build solutions that use your historical data to predict events of interest, such as product demand, part failures, fraud, client outcomes, or customer responses.

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Leverage new data sources and advanced analytics to improve your understanding of your prospects and customers

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Business Intelligence


We help companies get answers to their most critical business questions through solutions that include infrastructure and tools development using industry best practices. 

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Data Strategy

We've built a repeatable and customizable methodology to define a vision for your data needs, surface gaps and provide a path to your “data nirvana”.

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Leveraging R – The Good, The Bad, and The Better Way

by Dr. Steve Poulin

Those who are working with Predictive Analytics are always trying to find a better more effective way. We have chosen a field that that can get better and better every day. And in the last few years, with the development of new technologies and approaches to acquiring data – we are finding the spotlight on us to do just that: find better ways. Traditionally, there are three primary ways to develop models and algorithms for predictive analytics: (1) the expensive SAS solution, (2) the cheaper but just as effective IBM SPSS, or (3) the open source “R”. We, at CompassRed, think there is a fourth: Leverage the best of all.

CompassRed Data Labs announces today that they have been approved to become a certified IBM Business Partner.

Deploying Predictive Intelligence

by Steve Poulin and Patrick Callahan

As a Data and Analytics company, we at CompassRed have seen the full cycle of leveraging data for insight with each phase of development being just as important as any other. Deployment is the part of the predictive analytics process that puts the predictions to work.  Predictive analytics requires a very time-consuming process of data preparation and a very complex process of finding the best algorithms (also known as “modeling”) for producing predictions.  However, all of this effort is for naught if the predictions are not used by an organization to meet their objectives, which typically means increasing revenue and decreasing costs

5 core takeaways in the Gartner 2017 State of Business Intelligence - 2017

By Patrick Callahan and Noah Baker

A major component to CompassRed’s  predictive analytics capabilities - or any data analysis, is the method of delivery for the insights we unlock from a customer’s data. . Gathering insights without making them useful is a waste. Delivery can come in many flavors: via application programming interface (“API”) integration into your company’s software, custom triggers that alert via email/mobile notification/tweet, or in most situations, through dashboards delivered via “Business Intelligence (BI)”.