big data. bigger insight.

CompassRed is a data and analytics company that helps guide our clients through the quickly evolving world of data.  We help others surface insights from their data so that they can improve their business.
At CompassRed, we want to use data in a better way.

Predictive Intelligence

We'll build solutions that use your historical data to predict events of interest, such as product demand, part failures, fraud, client outcomes, or customer responses.

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Leverage new data sources and advanced analytics to improve your understanding of your prospects and customers

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Business Intelligence


We help companies get answers to their most critical business questions through solutions that include infrastructure and tools development using industry best practices. 

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Data Strategy

We've built a repeatable and customizable methodology to define a vision for your data needs, surface gaps and provide a path to your “data nirvana”.

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3 Reasons why Google Data Studio’s “Extract Data” Feature is a Game Changer

The Google Marketing Platform team quietly made a huge update to Google Data Studio over the past week. Analysts now have the ability to choose “Extract Data” directly from the data source selection screen. 

How to Create a Click Heat Map for Your Website using Google Analytics Event Tracking and Google Data Studio

This tutorial will take you through everything you will need to do to create a stunning visual like the one below. Prerequisites for this tutorial include a basic understanding of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Data Studio.

An Intern’s Summer at CompassRed

Data science is a big concept, and diving head first into the foreign world of data science can look intimidating at first. On our third day as interns at CompassRed Data Labs

CompassRed Strengthens Its Digital Analytics and Data Storytelling Capabilities with Patrick Strickler

CompassRed is delighted to announce it will further strengthen its digital analytics and data storytelling capabilities with the appointment of Patrick Strickler as Lead Data Analyst.