big data. bigger insight.

CompassRed is a data and analytics company that helps guide our clients through the quickly evolving world of data.  We help others surface insights from their data so that they can improve their business.
At CompassRed, we want to use data in a better way.

Predictive Intelligence

We'll build solutions that use your historical data to predict events of interest, such as product demand, part failures, fraud, client outcomes, or customer responses.

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Leverage new data sources and advanced analytics to improve your understanding of your prospects and customers

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Business Intelligence


We help companies get answers to their most critical business questions through solutions that include infrastructure and tools development using industry best practices. 

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Data Strategy

We've built a repeatable and customizable methodology to define a vision for your data needs, surface gaps and provide a path to your “data nirvana”.

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CompassRed is delighted to announce it will further strengthen its digital analytics and data storytelling capabilities with the appointment of Patrick Strickler as Lead Data Analyst. 

On June 13th, 2018, we put on an event in Philadelphia, PA, to celebrate and explore the world of data science. It was called the Data Jawn, and it featured a roster of speakers working in as many sectors in data science in Philly as we could muster.

Headley affords CompassRed experience from dynamic data science companies like Black Swan Data and dunnhumby.
CompassRed continues to move beyond the hype of analytics.
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To take advantage of data science, an organization needs to consider their data quality and accessibility, and the willingness of their staff to use the results of data analysis results.  Most importantly, an organization must have a clear understanding of how it expects to benefit from data science.