Database Administrator
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Thomas’s early work as a Cobol programmer had led himself, and others, to believe his talents lay elsewhere. This realization led Thomas to join a small Oracle Applications consultancy in 1998, initially as a SQL developer, but quickly moving to database administration.  For the next 17 years, Thomas worked on 39 projects at 23 companies in 12 sectors, from a chicken farm in Mississippi to a rocket fuel manufacturer in Utah. Thomas has worked on almost every platform Oracle supports, including some that no longer exist. Recently Thomas has also worked with other database systems, including Postgres, Redshift, and SqlServer.   Originally from Philadelphia, Thomas has spent the last 10 years in Seattle with his Irish wife, and several expensive guitars, which he sadly cannot play.  Other interests include Japanese surf rock bands, finding quality brewers in Washington State, and the mighty All Blacks.

AuthorRyan Harrington