CompassRed Data Science Opportunity Assessment

Can data science make your organization better? CompassRed’s Data Science Opportunity Assessment will answer that question. Here’s more about us, the process and what your company will receive.

What is a Data Science Opportunity Assessment?

Are you doing enough with your data? That question is at the forefront of organizational conversations as the world becomes more in tune with analytics guided decision making. We at CompassRed are offering a Data Science Opportunity Assessment to help you decide if your organization can benefit from deliberate, thoughtful data science.

The process will take us between three and six weeks, and we’ll give you an idea of whether or not our services are right for your datasets.

Who is CompassRed?

We are a data science and analytics company that helps guide our clients through the evolving world of data. We help your organization surface insights from your data so that you can improve. Our team has worked with data within hundreds of organizations, and we have seen the challenges and opportunities that data science offers in a broad array of settings.

We work with companies and organizations of all sizes, so our approach will scale to meet any data analytics need in any capacity.

What does my organization need to do?

We start by meeting the executive-level team and the people working with your data. Here, we will identify data science opportunities that will meet your objectives and ensure that you’ll have confidence in the ROI with our process. We will speak with the staff that works with the data at your company to make sure it’s ready for our work.

Next, we get to work on a sample of your organization’s data. We’ll meet with your company’s data staff to go over an in-depth review of this sample dataset. We’ll need to keep a line of communication open as we may have questions about the variables involved as we build our models. This is a completely anonymous process as personal identifiers should be removed from the dataset before we see it. We’re also willing to work within the boundaries of a non-disclosure agreement if your company needs one.

What Will My Organization Receive?

We’ll give you a plan. The Data Science Opportunity Assessment will give you a rundown of everything you need to do to get more out of your data. We’ll define clear analytic objectives, produce a report including results and models, and even offer recommendations for improving your growing dataset. Our assessment report could include:

·       Analytic objectives

·       Data audit results

·       Modeling demonstration results

·       Predictive models

·       Cluster models

·       Association Models

·       Recommendations

Most importantly, our partnership starts here. This assessment will provide both of us a better understanding of your data and how you can leverage it to develop a better organization.

We’ll derive intelligence from your data, and this assessment is the first step. For More Information, Please Contact Us or call 302.295.8298.