We're Hiring!

We want to use data in a better way. If you're one who believes that data is changing every aspect of our lives, and you want to be a part of a team that is helping organizations be a part of this change - we'd love to hear from you. If you don't see a position listed below - we're all ears! 

  • Qlik Developers and Architects to help out with some awesome work we’re involved in. If you are a strong believer that data can have a big impact in this world, are passionate about business and data intelligence, and love learning in an environment where others are just as passionate - we’d love to meet you and tell you a bit about what we’re building.

    Must Haves:
    - A smile
    - Curiosity
    - A love for data
    - Qlik experience (load scripting and visualization)
    - Likes solving big problems

    Nice to Haves:
    - Flipflops (or equivalent)
    - A killer laugh
    - A great story (we can help out with this one)

  • Director of Data Visualization - You're responsible for the communication of the meaning behind the data and insights. You help visualize data and craft meaningful experiences. Aside from being a graphics designer, you have an overview of modern data visualization methods, both in theory and practice and are able to leverage modern graphical tools to produce mosaic plots, parallel coordinate plots, and linked views. If you don't understand any of those terms - we'll teach you! You're somewhere between an interactive quirky designer and a visual statistician. Some key terms you may be familiar with: Tufte, Bayesian analysis, genomic data and cluster analysis. Or maybe you're just fun and creative :)
  • Business Analyst - Understanding the customer's vertical is almost as important as understanding the data itself. As a business analyst, you provide the context to what is true insight and what is noise. You can sometimes play the role of Data Journalist - asking the inquisitive relevant questions that have not been asked but make meaningful impact. Key Terms: Smart. Really Smart. 
  • Don't see you listed above? That's ok - we're open to meet you! Send your information to careers@CompassRed.com