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August 10, 2018


CompassRed is delighted to announce it will further strengthen its digital analytics and data storytelling capabilities with the appointment of Patrick Strickler as Lead Data Analyst. 

Strickler brings a wealth of expertise, working closely with some of the most globally recognized businesses and organizations over his ten year career. Prior to joining CompassRed, he was responsible for establishing advanced Google Analytics programs and uncovering consumer insights through mining Twitter data.

He lives by the mantra that “the most valuable insights are worthless until communicated effectively”, driving the overall need for engaging and compelling Data Storytelling and visualization. Strickler will be collaborating closely with CompassRed’s client teams.

Darren Mahoney, lead analytics partner at CompassRed is excited about the opportunity ahead. “It’s rare that you find this unique talent. Patrick is a ‘Unicorn’ in our industry. He has that unique ability to take very complex matters, derive meaning, and make that meaning actionable,” said Mahoney. “There is a strong demand from our clients and partners in this area.”

For more information on Strickler and how the CompassRed team can successfully derive insight from your data, visit www.compassred.com or email Jeff Headley at jheadley@CompassRed.com.

About CompassRed

CompassRed is one of fastest growing data and analytics agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region. We combine leading-edge data science capabilities, industry expertise and “big data” know-how to unearth insights that enable our clients to optimize today and predict tomorrow.

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