July 21st, 2018

WILMINGTON, DE - CompassRed has named data science industry veteran Jeff Headley as Chief Client Officer. Headley previously served as London-based Black Swan Data's Managing Director and led their entry into the North American market.

"This is a big moment for CompassRed," CompassRed Managing Partner and Co-founder Patrick Callahan offered regarding the arrival of Headley. "Jeff’s arrival comes when demand for our services is increasing. He brings a level of global expertise that will allow us to deepen and expand our data and predictive analytic offerings to a whole new level."

Headley joins the CompassRed organization with years of experience in client-facing roles in industry-leading data science companies. His work built productive partnerships in multiple sectors, including retail, entertainment and retail banking.

Headley gives CompassRed an edge by offering the insight to move beyond the hype plaguing the global data industry and into real world solutions. "When working with a client," Headley explained, "our data driven solutions will always fit into our clients' organizational dynamic. CompassRed will always provide useable data-based solutions to genuine problems."

“The team at CompassRed,” Headley said, “is comprised of seasoned practitioners with not only experience in multiple industries, but relationships with companies of all sizes and at all stages. That, coupled with the company’s unique positioning in the I-95 corridor, makes CompassRed exciting.”

Headley's veteran standing lifts CompassRed into an even stronger position for helping its clients, both contemporary and future. His emphasis on transparency and pragmatism means that

CompassRed is poised to make an impact on its partners and the data science industry.
About CompassRed - CompassRed combines cutting edge data science, industry expertise, and big data know-how to create insights that let their clients optimize today and predict tomorrow. CompassRed customers are innovative organizations that understand that insight into their own data, combined with the right external data, is key to unlocking sustainable value for their customers. 



AuthorPatrick Callahan