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The Four Simple Steps of Artificial Intelligence

Last week Dr. Steve Poulin outlined what makes artificial intelligence...artificial intelligence.  This week, he discusses how it works.  It turns out that, at a high level, it's just a few simple steps.  

Data for Democracy

Data for Democracy.jpeg

A team from Chicago explored a deceptively difficult question: "So, how does an interested citizen stay informed about their local representatives?" Using some key open data sources, the team came up with some great tools for people to navigate that question. We wonder what other communities could do with similar tools.


Out of the Rabbit Hole

Analysis paralysis. It's fair to say that we've all faced this, but it's a problem that strikes data scientists particularly hard. They're constantly trying to improve models and come to more precise conclusions. In all of this, it can be easy to get caught in the work. Cyborgus outlines how to stay out of that rabbit hole.


A Billionaire & Open Data

Steve Ballmer.jpg

When a billionaire decides to do something, they do it big. Steve Ballmer decided to answer one question, "What does the government do with its money?" This question led him to one of the largest open data projects ever. In response, he launched USAFacts, a nonpartisan effort to do just that.


Data That's Beautiful

If you're familiar with Reddit, then you've probably seen r/Place. It was a simple premise that yielded fascinating results.  As Redditors do, they decided to memorialize r/Place. It turns out that they made some absolutely stunning visualizations of it along the way too.  Here is our personal favorite, a 3D time lapse of every pixel on the canvas.


How Old Were You When...

This past week there has been plenty of discussion about marijuana in society. In Delaware, for example, Gov. Carney held a roundtable doing just that.  In honor of this, we took a look at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's dataset of first use of marijuana.  Check it out yourself here.

AuthorRyan Harrington