CompassRed Data Labs announces today that they have been approved to become a certified IBM Business Partner. This gives exclusive service offerings and advantages to all CompassRed clients. “With IBM Watson, SPSS, and various other tools, CompassRed now has the ability to support its growing client list with many applications offered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics” says Dr. Steve Poulin, Principal Data Scientist & Manager of Predictive Analytics at CompassRed. “We are now positioned to offer a wide range of solutions in all of the data sphere".

“We were able to see first hand how IBM Watson operated when we shared the stage with IBM at Twitter in London last year” Patrick Callahan, co-founder of CompassRed Data Labs stated. “Though not for everyone, IBM and their suite of solutions provides many competitive advantages for our clients. We are very excited about this partnership”.

About CompassRed Data Labs

CompassRed ( is a Data and Analytics Lab established with the vision that data insights inform how organizations operate both internally and externally. CompassRed customers are innovative organizations whose executives believe understanding their internal and external data is required to maximize insight into the consumer and their own organizations. By leveraging a deep knowledge of 'big data' concepts, business intelligence, and the goals of their customer organizations, CompassRed guides their partners through the complexities of the constantly changing world of data and analytics.

AuthorPatrick Callahan