+ A great read and presentation by Azeem Azhar on the current state of technology (with a heavy focus on Machine Learning and what it means for our near term future)

McKinsey's most recent Analytics Study Defines the Future of Machine Learning

Do you know what is powerful realtime analytics?

+ We're always fascinated about the results we could get from Amazon Turk - one of the best low cost solution to gathering insight and data that is human based. What we didn't know was how Amazon Turk was being used to train AI in: "Inside Amazon's clickworker platform: How half a million people are being paid pennies to train AI"

Improve your analytics skills with these 9 tips

Analytics and Data will change social media in 2017

Procrastination, Bravery, and Camels: The Top 12 TED Talks of 2016

+ REST in Peace: Microservices vs monoliths in real-life examples

Million Song Dataset  A freely-available collection of audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular music tracks.

Open Source Biometric recognition

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