How Social Data is ultimately used within any organization is a question that most organizations are asking in order to move beyond the Facebook Fan or Twitter Follower count. At somepoint, someone is going to ask - "This is great - we have doubled our follower count, but we really need to leverage this somehow." Replying with a "it gives us better insight into our customers" is a step in the right direction - but not the final answer.  

The think-tank The Altimeter Group, who has always been a leader in defining how social media is leveraged in companies, recently published a report on the state of social media data: "Social Data Intelligence: Integrating Social and Enterprise Data for Competitive Advantage." The study successfully drags the field towards specifics on how most companies are beginning to see a real change to the way they leverage social data and transform themselves from "a company that leverages Social Media" to a "Social Business." Read the full report here.

Businesses and organizations as a whole have yet to see the full impact of social data on the organization - but the wave is starting to be embraced. And as that happens, even more profound and impacting data enhancements are on the way as the scale and breadth of data starts to get even larger. With wearable devices (i.e. Google Glass, the Fit Bit, and Apple's rumored "iWatch") at the onset of creating even more data - organizations that have already started to build their data foundation to become a data driven organization gathering true insight.


AuthorPatrick Callahan