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At CompassRed, we love Delaware Innovation Week. We're particularly excited about tonight's Innovation Celebration at the Mill.

Ever wondered what the Twitterverse looks like during a major event like that? We did too. In order to take a look, we quickly prototyped a dashboard using Power BI to get a snapshot of what's happening. Curious? Check it out for yourself!

Strive is a Wilmington-based nonprofit that was founded in 1996 as a Sports Challenge Leadership Academy. They work with students to develop research backed qualities of leadership that will serve as cornerstones for life-long success.

The team at Strive believes in making informed decisions based on assessment and research when it comes to the development and implementation of their programming, and that assessment requires data analysis.

As one of the founders of a company that helps others come up with predictions – I found the book Superforecasting particularly interesting (and necessary to read) for our company. Who is a Superforecaster? Are they the brainiacs that always outscore anyone in anything when it comes to math? Or are they the passionate Sunday morning news pundits that show they knew more through their passion as displayed on the talk shows?