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How We Operate Our Data Science Team at CompassRed

At CompassRed we help companies navigate the data landscape. It’s a challenging environment, with change being one of the few constants. On behalf of our clients we use billions of data points and artificial intelligence to uncover insights, automate internal processes, and predict future outcomes. Often, we’re asked how we operate our team. First, here are a few of our beliefs and goals.

It’s Hiring Season - We Can’t Wait to Meet You

There is nothing more exciting to our team at CompassRed than adding new colleagues. Whether we’re bringing in a team of interns or adding some well seasoned colleagues - we know we’re adding people that make us smarter. And making ourselves smarter is one of our key values. Here’s what we’re wondering about when we have a chance to connect with you:

Why do Machine Learning Projects Fail?

At CompassRed, we know that there are a lot of answers to this question. We’re going to concentrate on 4 of them. Most importantly, we’ll discuss how to successfully solve each of these. In no particular order, they are:

  1. No one understands what machine learning is (and is not).

  2. We fail to begin with the end in mind.

  3. A failure to trust the process.

  4. There’s no measurement for success.

Why We Opened An Office At CIC Philadelphia

At CompassRed, we work with diverse companies and organizations in their journey of embracing Data Science, and Data Analytics, and the architectural requirements to support it. Everyone at our company works at the intersection of math and technology. We are, at our core, a creative science company searching for insight that will affect change in the world on behalf of ourselves and our clients.