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Our 5 Step Process for Predictive Analytics

In our CompassRed Data Lab, on behalf of our clients, we are always looking for a better way to “Predict” with our algorithms, including Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As data becomes more ubiquitous and complicated, and as the systems that manage the data become more fluid, the process and methodology become ever more important (as long as they’re flexible). (read more)

How CompassRed’s Dr. Steve Poulin and his team leveraged Unstructured Data and External Data to uncover success and save $10 million dollars for every percentage point reduction in turnover.

When 92% of the agents hired by a life insurance company were leaving the company within their first year, this large Insurance Company realized their current approach to retention was not sustainable. This was causing significant expenses for continuous recruitment and hiring costs.  Using unstructured data from the applicant’s resume and US Census data about the area in which they live, a predictive analytics process was developed to identify which applicants were most like to sell the amount of insurance required to become a successful agent with the company.  (read more)

DR. STEVE POULIN JOINS COMPASSRED DATA LABS To Lead Predictive Analytics Offerings

Dr. Poulin joins CompassRed as Principal Data Scientist & Manager of Predictive Analytics to continue CompassRed’s recent success providing data solutions to top companies in the county.

+ A great read and presentation by Azeem Azhar on the current state of technology (with a heavy focus on Machine Learning and what it means for our near term future)

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